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Expensive Houses

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Liverpool. Most and least expensive houses sold in Liverpool this year. Properties sold for wildly different prices across the city.

Expensive Houses

Properties in Liverpool had an average price of almost £200,000 in the 12 months to October this year.

But houses sold for drastically different amounts across the city, with some going for nearly ten times the price, while others sold for only a fraction of that.

The most expensive is located in a hotspot for celebrities living in mega mansions that regularly sell for well over a million.

Meanwhile, the cheapest on the list sits on a street recently branded the cheapest in Liverpool.

Here are two each of the most and least expensive homes sold in Liverpool this year.

27 Victoria Road, Formby

This sprawling, six-bedroom house, with a whopping five reception rooms, smashed the competition out of the park with a final price tag of £1.87 million in January 2021.

10 Larkhill Lane, Formby

Just down the road on the edge of Formby Beach forest, houses on Larkhill Lane sold for an average of over £800,000 in the last year.

73 August Road, Anfield

Tucked between Breckside Park and Newsham Park is a set of roads named after months of the year.

25 Sunlight Street, Anfield

A few hundred metres away from August Road is the joint cheapest property sold this year.

Within walking distance of a primary school and medical centre, this three-bed terraced house sold for £30,000 in January 2021.

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