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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Liverpool. 9,000 Liverpool homeowners are getting a once in a lifetime offer. People will be receiving letters making the offer over the next three years.

Liverpool Council’s cabinet has approved a proposal to sell freeholds to the owners of thousands of houses across the city.

Under the plans, which will affect around 9,000 homes, letters will be sent out to homeowners offering them to buy the freehold of their property from the city council for a total cost of £1,750.

The homes affected are those that were at one point owned by the council but have since been sold on.

Offer for Liverpool HomeownersSpeaking at cabinet this morning, cabinet member for housing Barry Kushner said that there was no strategic reason for the council to hold on to the leases and that it would be beneficial for homeowners to have the chance to purchase them.

Councillor Kushner said: “I think this is really about tidying up an old legacy of the council. Some of these properties were let years or even a hundred years ago, or within the last hundred years, on a 999 year lease.

“There’s all sorts of conditions on them for people if they want to sell their properties or make certain changes or refurbishments to them.

“There’s a very small number of them that do have ground rent but most of them, over 8,000 of them don’t and they’re a cost to the council but really I do think it is just easier for people to own the freehold of their property rather than the leasehold.”

The homes affected are those whose leases remained under the council’s control despite transfers of housing stock between 10 and 15 years ago.

They were not eligible to transferred during that process because of the exact terms of their leases, which placed no repair obligations on the council.

Homeowners will be sent approached by the council in the next three years, with the council setting a target of sending out 250 letters every four weeks.

We found this article about Offer for Liverpool Homeowners on Liverpool Echo. Kindly click the link to read the full story.

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