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Prices Keep Rising

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Liverpool. The reason house prices keep rising in one part of Liverpool. “It feels just like the perfect place. Of everywhere in Liverpool, it’s just ideal.”

Prices Keep Rising

House prices are soaring in one part of Liverpool.

Tucked between parks and the city centre. Toxteth’s terraced houses and Victorian architecture are seeing a boom in the local housing market. It’s according to data from real estate company Rightmove.

Prices rose by 20% in the year to September 2021. As people are drawn to the cheap housing, good transport links, and the vibrant community in one of Liverpool’s most diverse areas. The historic home to the city’s Black community.

Faisal Khalil fell in love with the “beautiful, multicultural area.” And he moved here after he started working in the local housing industry a decade ago.

He told the ECHO : “I’ve lived in Childwall. I’ve lived in Wallasey. I’ve lived in Aigburth. I’ve seen Wavertree as well.

“And out of all these few places that I’ve lived around Liverpool, and across the water, I would always choose Toxteth again and again.”

Faisal is the director of Lodge Stone Estates. It is a real estate agent based on Toxteth’s Lodge Lane, a street full of business. It’s called ‘beating heart of the city’ by one business owner.

The real estate agent believes the tolerant, multicultural community, thriving businesses, and high yields on rental income are driving demand to live and buy in the area.

The 34-year-old told the ECHO:

“I personally have decided to live in Toxteth. It’s because whichever walk of life, wherever, whatever your ethnicity, whatever your beliefs are, you are welcome in Toxteth.

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