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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Liverpool. Renting in a property boom with homes ‘gone within hours.’ ‘Hundreds on waiting lists’ and huge differences in rent prices.

Just a few weeks after we were told our landlord was selling up, Wallasey was declared a ‘property hotspot’ with asking prices almost £24,000 higher than the year before.

Much of the focus was on people buying and selling homes, as you would expect but what about the impact on the rental market?

Here is what we found when we started looking for a new place to rent during the height of the boom.

And before you think you are being smart and suggest ‘why don’t you just buy your own – renting is a waste of money ‘, not everyone has the means to buy a house for a variety of reasons.

Rent increase

When we first started looking we saw how much the rents had gone up over the last decade.

We started paying £525 for a three-bedroomed house, which went up to £550 in 2019.

Renting In A PropertyBut now we were looking at rents of £625 – £750 and above, some were so expensive (over £1,000 a month) we wondered how people could even possibly afford to live in them.

Cheaper rents were found in Seacombe and Poulton but the further you went towards New Brighton, the more expensive they became.

The Leasowe area of Wallasey appeared to be mixed with some rents being ‘cheap’ in comparison while others were at the top end of the budget.

We found this articles about Renting in a property boom with homes ‘gone within hours’ on Liverpool Echo. Kindly click the link to read the full story.

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