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THE PROPERTY market has been very different for the last few months due to the coronavirus crisis. These are the UK cities that have fared the best during this time.

Those hoping to buy or sell a property will have noticed a huge change to the property market during the coronavirus lockdown. As the market has started to pick up again, these are the towns which have been most successful in putting properties on the market.

Property news: UK houses marketAt the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, it became more difficult to buy or sell a property.

House viewings were cancelled and homeowners were discouraged from moving into new properties.

As restrictions relax, more normality has returned to the housing market.

While lockdown rules made the buying and selling process a challenge, homeowners in some UK cities still managed to successfully list their homes.

According to new research by estate agent comparison site, some cities adapted to the challenges of lockdown.

Data found that Liverpool coped the best with homeowners listing a huge 5,101 properties between March 23 and June 30.

This was followed by Birmingham residents, who listed 4,081 properties during the time period and property owners in Leeds, who put 3,830 homes up for sale.

Cities with most listings during lockdown:

  • Liverpool 5,101 listings
  • Birmingham 4,081 listings
  • Leeds 3,830 listings
  • Cornwall 3,673 listings
  • Leicester 3,180 listings
  • Exeter 2,914 listings
  • Durham 2,654 listings
  • Manchester 2,483 listings
  • Bristol 2,473 listings
  • Salford 2,401 listings

It has now been 100 days since the coronavirus lockdown began and the property market has varied in cities during this time.

Those hoping to buy a property could choose from one of the many listings in the top 10 cities.

The study also found that there has been the biggest growth in listings in Halton, Tandridge and Waveney since the lockdown relaxed.

Founder and CEO of Colby Short said: “For some, it may seem like we entered lockdown years ago, let alone 100 days ago.

“However, in the vast majority of areas, life has gone on where the UK property market is concerned.

“We saw a vast degree of activity return after restrictions were lifted and it’s been quite remarkable how the sector has pivoted to accommodate this.

“By facilitating the transactions of the UK sellers and buyers, the industry has no doubt been the reason as to why we are yet to see any form of notable market decline in terms of property prices.

“We should see this backlog of activity start to subside over the coming months as normality returns.

“But we are certainly in a far better place than many predicted a few months back and this looks set to continue for the duration of the year.”

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